Everybody and their mama (and in some cases their grandma too) is on social media.

Our daily lives have become so enthralled with likes, snaps and followers that we have somehow forgot how to have normal conversations outside the confounds of a computer screen.

So how does this overindulgence of screen time effect our psyche.

How does it help or hinder the development of our self-esteem?

So can I get a WCW shoutout orrrr?

Everybody wants to feel wanted/accepted but now with the growing popularity of social media people are seemingly begging to be seen.

The “look at me” syndrome seems to be an unfortunate byproduct of the social media phase.

I remember at one point questioning the validity of all the “you’re so pretty” messages I got via messenger because no one was making me their WCW.

Sounds silly I know but you wouldn’t believe how many people have those same struggles.

And with more and more people posting pictures to make their lives seem grand like we don’t all struggle (le struggle is real yall!) its harder to escape from those thoughts.

Unfortunately, some of us onlookers have a hard time perceiving what is real and what’s all smoke and mirrors.

Seeing everyone living lavishly, boo’ed up and seemingly living the life you’ve prayed for can wreak havoc on the mental.

Have y ’all seen some of these influencers’ pages? … I know I can’t be the only one that has went down the dark rabbit hole that is Instagram and came across some influencer’s page and just silently screamed trying to figure out where you went wrong in life.

BE TRUTHFUL. It happens.

This comparison spirit can be a scary thing. It has the potential to get ugly real quick.

It can affect how we look at ourselves and others.

You may feel that you aren’t cute enough, skinny enough, thick or enough, smart enough, not business savvy enough … all off some likes or lack thereof.

When in reality … a lot of those people, are putting on for the camera.

Don’t allow yourself to get so wrapped up in what you see that you forget that you are awesome in whatever place you’re in.

You are WONDERFULLY MADE, and you have the ability to do and be whatever you want to be/do.

Everything I just wrote above is true but it still doesn’t get rid of the fact that you’re still going to see all these images on your screen that make you doubt yourself. So WTH should you do… I’m so glad you asked ….

You Can Do This:

  • When you feel yourself comparing, take breaks from social media
  • Unfriend or “Take A Break” from those friends who you tend to compare yourself to
  • Write down 10 things you love about yourself.
  • Write 10 things you would like to improve about yourself.
  • Get out and do something without the presence of social media
  • Make outside connections with friends
  • Create a positive affirmation wall with “I AM” statements

This Social Media Stuff Ain’t Real Life

We all are made up of feelings.

And no matter how hard we work to not acknowledge those feelings they are still there.

Kicking our need for social media and the acceptance that comes along with it, is one way to improve our self-esteem.

This also holds true for those of us who must use social media due to our job or businesses.

You should still be able to create boundaries to ensure that your mental health is intact.

Social media is fun, its exciting but like everything it needs to be taken in moderation.

And now a challenge …..

I challenge you to get off social media completely for one day in this upcoming week. Once you identify a day, make sure you stick to your plan and journal your feelings throughout the day.

Then come back and share how you feel!!!

Until then…. Always remember Love Starts From The InsideOut


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