Over the last few years there has been an uptick in people who want to practice self-care. If you scroll through your timeline on any social media platform you would be hard-pressed not to find a post about Self Care Sundays or All About Me Day. Instagrammers and twitter tweeters all want to proclaim that they have conformed and are truly taken care of themselves.

Hair done 💇🏽‍♀️, nails done 💅🏽, everything did 💄…that’s self-care right? That’s the image we see online, right? We like the illusion of thinking we are doing good for ourselves by ensuring that our outside appearance is on point. That’s all self-care is, right? …..WRONG 🚨

Self care is as much about how we treat and handle our emotions and mental needs as it is how we handle our physical needs. So, is self-care really the new wave…I think it should be.

True self-care involves spending time with yourself. Learning what it is that really makes you who you are. Here are some ways that you can practice self-care:


  • Practice Mindfulness

  • Changing Your Diet

  • Exercise

  • Get More Sleep

  • Create Healthy Boundaries

  • Journal

– Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a practice in which a person is super conscious of their thoughts and feelings. To practice mindfulness find a quiet place, clear your mind of any outside distractions, think about a specific idea/prompt you would like to focus on and pay close attention to how you feel.

– Changing Your Diet

Your body is truly your temple and what you put into your body effects your brain and other physical functions. Try adding more organic fruits and vegetables to your diet and drink more water 🥦🥭. Your body will thank you later.

– Exercise

Your body is a machine and you have to work it’s parts so they do not rust! Regular exercise helps in soooo many ways. Not only does it make you leaner and stronger it builds endurance and helps with fatigue.

-Get More Sleep

Listen, no matter what a certain celebrity may tell you…YOU need your sleep. Studies suggest that the average adult should strive to get 8 hours of sleep per night. Now, I know this is not feasible nor possible for some but the point is you should really be getting more than 4 hrs of sleep per night. Sleep allows our body to regenerate. In order to perform at our highest potential we need to let our body rest. Don’t let that whole “sleep is the cousin of death” theory have you comatose in the corner somewhere. GET SOME SLEEP!

-Create Healthy Boundaries

Sometimes the people in our circle(s) COMPLETELY drain us and we are reluctant to cut them out of our life. Okay…maybe completely cutting them off is a bit much but creating healthy boundaries will allow you to create a peaceful environment for yourself while still keeping your circle intact. Re-evaluating relationships that have the potential to be toxic will save you a lot of headaches in the future. If you find that you are always on the giving end of the relationship and never on the receiving end, it’s probably a good time to step back and determine if boundaries need to be made. No one can pour from an empty cup.


Journaling is a great way to work through the thoughts that have been crowding your headspace. Journaling is meant to be a stress reliever, so please do not look at it as a task. The act of journaling should be organic meaning it should not be forced. No one can tell you what you should journal about which is why the tool is so amazing. You can literally journal whatever makes you free and at peace. If you are like me your mind races at 100/mph at all times. Journaling helps to slow down your thoughts and truly makes you analyze what you are writing. The benefits of journaling are endless so grab a cute notebook and your favorite pen and get to writing.

Self-care is important because if you cannot take care of yourself, you can’t even begin to take care of someone else. You have countless people, generations even, counting on you to win. Please make a regular self-care routine, it can change your life. Remember, it’s always okay to start small. If you cannot make all of these changes happen just start with one.

If you already have a self-care routine, we would love to hear what it entails. Remember to like this post and share it with your friends!!!